Worker’s Compensation

Our Worker's Compensation Coordinators

Our Worker's Compensation Coordinators

Helping you get back to work as quickly and appropriately as possible is the goal of our Worker’s Compensation Program. Our staff works as a coordinated team to help you get through the entire process—from examination and assessment through tests, treatment, rehabilitation and release back to work.

Orthopaedic Specialists of North County takes pride in being a comprehensive provider committed to the quality treatment of occupational injury or illness. We look forward to working with you to reduce your worker’s compensation costs.

To schedule an appointment, call (760) 724-9000.

Upon receiving the appointment request from your urgent/immediate care center, we will attempt to schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours.

If you cannot keep an appointment

You will be notified of your appointment date and time from the referring center. Please notify our Worker’s Compensation department directly at (760) 724-9000 if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.

What to bring to your appointment

Important: Please be sure to bring any films (X-ray or MRI) or other records you had taken prior to your appointment with Orthopaedic Specialists of North County. You must obtain these from the referring physician’s or urgent care office and hand-carry them to your appointment with us. This will save you time and enable us to provide you with the quality care you deserve more quickly.

Getting a copy of your Work Status report

Once you have been examined by an Orthopaedic Specialists of North County physician, you will receive a copy of a Work Status report to give to your employer. OSNC will also fax a copy of your work status to your claims examiner.

After your examination, the physician’s report will be sent to your insurance provider within two or three days, at which time requests are reviewed for authorization for any additional tests, therapy, injections or surgery. The time it takes your insurance carrier to process your paperwork is dependent upon their procedures.

Follow-up visits are scheduled after your appointment

Quick, competent medical care

Case WorkerOrthopaedic Specialists of North County physicians are trained in rehabilitation, alleviation of pain, orthopaedics, and occupational health. You will have access to a complete staff of sub-specialists, diagnostics and rehabilitation services should the need arise. Referral services enable client companies to meet all their orthopaedic health needs through one provider.

Case Management

Employers, adjusters or Nurse Case Managers will have one principal contact with our office, a Worker’s Compensation Coordinator. Our case management system tracks a case from the initial visit through discharge from care by coordinating treatment efforts with the injured worker, the employer, medical and rehabilitation providers, and the insurance carrier.

Case management helps clients realize cost savings by reducing the amount of time lost from work and helps prevent unnecessary treatment.

24-Hour accessibility

Injured employees have 24-hour access to medical care and are treated at Orthopaedic Specialists of North County as quickly as possible. Employees can be seen during our regular office hours and a physician is on call after hours.

We also utilize the services of Tri-City Medical Center, Oceanside, California, and Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas, California.

Physical Therapy

Workers Comp Physical TherapyPhysical therapy and sports rehabilitation promotes early and safe return to work post-injury. Through the use of supervised individual exercise programs and education, our patients are directed towards early recovery. We refer our patients to physical therapy facilities in Oceanside, California or the location most convenient for the patient.

Medical Provider Network Panels

Orthopaedic Specialists of North County is on many Medical Provider Network Panels (MPN Panels) for Worker’s Compensation.  We are accepting new patients in association with these panels.  If you have specific questions about Workers’ Compensation, please call our office at (760) 724-9000.